Piers Morgan Tells Conan: Heather Mills Hacked Paul McCartney’s Phone

On Monday night’s Conan, CNN’s Piers Morgan made a public apology over the whole dustup involving Paul McCartney‘s ex, Heather Mills, and her claims that a reporter working for a newspaper then edited by Morgan hacked her phone. “I introduced her to Paul McCartney,” Morgan revealed, telling Conan that Mills and McCartney attended an event organized by Morgan’s paper, the Daily Mirror. “I actually introduced them…and that one decision by me cost Paul McCartney fifty million dollars.” Morgan suggested Mills ought to be thanking him for the cash, and then made his mea culpa. “I do want to apologize, but to Paul, for introducing him to Heather.”

Morgan says McCartney now claims someone has hacked his phone, and “I suspect it was Heather Mills,” noting that in the couple’s divorce papers, McCartney makes reference to Mills hacking into his phone and passing along information to British newspapers.

Watch it here, from TBS:

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