Piers Morgan To Gun Owners Of America’s Larry Pratt: Try To Stick ‘To Facts, Not Lies’

CNN host Piers Morgan interviewed Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, on his show Tuesday and made one simple request: “Try to stick, if you can, to facts, not lies.”

The statement came after an extremely heated interview in which Morgan and Pratt interrupted each other several times to make their points. Morgan began the interview by immediately becoming confrontational, asking Pratt why he felt he knew more than former General Stanley Allen McChrystal on gun control. Morgan then proceeded to read several statistics which proved that more guns are not the answer.

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“The data you are using is a sham,” Pratt said.

“What an absolute, absolute lie,” Morgan exclaimed.

Morgan continued to argue against Pratt’s numbers, accusing him of “deliberately lying” and “deliberately twisting” the facts so that Americans would buy into his “ludicrous fear game” and rush out to buy more guns.

“What you do is outrageous,” Morgan added.

Watch the full clip below via CNN:

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