Piers Morgan To TMZ: Kirk Cameron ‘Was Pretty Brave To Say What He Said’

Former sitcom star Kirk Cameron told Piers Morgan on Friday that he personally believes that homosexuality is “ultimately destructive to so many foundations of civilization.” Over the weekend, Morgan was confronted by TMZ and asked what he thought of Cameron’s comments. Morgan did not defend what Cameron said, but gave him credit for saying “what he believes.”

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Morgan said that Cameron was simply “being honest to what he believed,” while expressing surprise that it’s turned into such a big issue. When asked if he thought Cameron’s ideas were out-of-date, Morgan did not endorse what Cameron said, but credited him for sticking to his guns.

“I think that he was pretty brave in what he said… I mean, it’s a, what many would argue, an antiquated view.”

Morgan also gave Cameron credit for being consistent enough to say if he had a daughter that got raped, he would still insist she bring the baby to term instead of getting an abortion. As he was getting in a car, Morgan said he can fully understand why GLAAD is angry over Cameron’s remarks.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TMZ:

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