Piers Morgan Wishes Erin Burnett ‘Total, Abject Failure’ After Celebrity Apprentice

Piers Morgan stopped by the set of his CNN colleague (and former Celebrity Apprentice guest) Erin Burnett‘s new show to wish her… well. “Total, abject failure.” In the nicest way possible, of course.

Burnett, you see, had tried to get Morgan fired from the reality show competition by telling host Donald Trump that he was, as Morgan joked, a “repulsive human being.” “You and Jim Cramer. Stuck the knife straight in my back,” he continued. “So I’ve just come to wish you total, abject failure.”

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Burnett took it all in stride and the two moved on to discuss Burnett’s Arsenal-loving digital producer… whom you might know as Mediaite’s former TV editor, the lovely and effervescent Mark Joyella.

Morgan wrapped up his visit by voicing his excitement for OutFront and letting Burnett know that “I just want to tune in at seven o’clock and get your opinion on what’s going on. I’m actually more interested in your opinion than the people you bring on. And I think a lot of people will be.” Sniffle.

Have a look at the video, courtesy of CNN:

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