Pierson: Michael Reagan Can’t Presume to Know His Father Wouldn’t Support Trump

PicMonkey Collage - PiersonKatrina Pierson said on CNN today that Michael Reagan shouldn’t assume what his president father would think if he were still alive to comment on Donald Trump‘s campaign.

Ronald Reagan is a paragon to many conservative political figures (including Trump), and his son tweeted last night that his father would have stood on principle and probably not support the presumptive GOP nominee. This was accompanied by a promise from the younger Reagan that he certainly won’t be voting for Trump either.

Wolf Blitzer asked Pierson about whether that was a “painful rebuke” to her boss, but she denied that it was and implied that Reagan had no way of predicting what his dad would have thought.

“Everyone can try to assume what somebody else would do, but you simply can’t do that,” said Pierson. “I think it’s pretty unfortunate that [Michael Reagan] would go as far as to assume that because he doesn’t know what Ronald Reagan would do.”

Blitzer then asked Pierson if she really thought that she knew Reagan better than his own child. Pierson said she did not, but added that “his own son wouldn’t know what he would possibly do, because we have a lot of individuals who we would assume wouldn’t support Mr. Trump and who have, so I think it’s safe to say you can assume either way.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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