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‘Please Come Help Us’: Andrew Cuomo Pleads for Out-of-State Health Workers to Aid in NY Coronavirus Fight

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo turned his daily press briefing into a call to arms on Monday by asking health care workers throughout the country to come aid his state against the coronavirus.

While stressing the importance of continued social distancing, Cuomo invoked some of President Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric by speaking of how the country is at war with the pandemic, and that “the front line battle is in the health care system.” The governor directed the phrase “support our troops” to the health professionals “who are fighting this battle for us,” and said they need more support before the system is overwhelmed by the demands of treating the virus.

“As governor of New York, I am asking health care professionals across the country,” Cuomo said. “If you don’t have a health care crisis in your community please come help us in New York now. We need relief. We need relief for nurses who are working 12 hours shifts, one after the other. We need relief for doctors and we need for attendants. So if you are not busy, come help us, please.”

Cuomo promised that when New York has the situation under control, “we will return the favor” if new outbreaks pop up elsewhere.

“The New York way is to be helpful,” said Cuomo. “We are the ones that are hit now. That’s today. But tomorrow, it is going to be some where else. Whether it is Detroit or New Orleans, it will work its way across the country. And this is the time for us to help one another.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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