Please Watch How Many Times Trump Teased Jerry Falwell Jr. During Liberty University Speech

Oh Jerry.

In part of a commencement speech that was by turns funny-ha-ha and funny-strange, President Donald Trump appeared to enjoy giving Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. a bit of stick regarding his football team’s upcoming schedule. It seems that Liberty’s football team is moving up a level of competition next season and, as such, they will compete against a much more difficult slate of opponents next season.

Like any word repeated often enough, the name “Jerry” can take on comedic value where previously was none. Trump used such a device today, much to the delight of a very pro-Trump audience in attendance.

We will refrain from critiquing from the curious decision to focus so much time on the Liberty football program, as the crowd ate the whole bit up, reminding anyone viewing the speech just how much of an entertainer this president truly is.

Watch nearly all the times that the president uttered the name “Jerry” cut together below, with footage pull via CNN.

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