Pod Saves America Downplays ‘Blue Wave’ Rhetoric: ‘We Could Lose Everything!’


On Tuesday night, the podcasters behind Pod Saves America stopped by The Late Show to weigh in on the upcoming midterm elections.

They began by slamming the “disgusting” scare tactic being used on the migrant caravan that is heading its way to U.S. border.  Jon Lovett mocked the baseless claims that have been made about it.

“They’re coming here to vote and do terrorism!” Lovett joked. “And they’ve been organized by George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton. And I believe Michael Avenatti.”

“I don’t actually think you’ve made up any of those accusations,” Stephen Colbert reacted. “I think I’ve heard most of those already.”

“I love the idea that Democrats are organizing voters in Honduras when we can’t even organize voters in Pennsylvania,” Lovett added.

Colbert then asked about what they thought about the upcoming midterms. Jon Favreau answered by saying it’s “gonna be tight.”

“I heard a lot of talk about the ‘blue wave,'” Colbert said.

“Not from us,” Favreau responded.

“It’s always been 50/50,” Tommy Vietor added. “And the only way we win is if everybody gets off their couch, knocks on doors and makes phone calls and gets three friends to vote. It’s the only way we win.”

The Late Show host then pointed to early voting turnout, saying that it “looks good” so far. However, the Pod Saves America guys rejected the importance of those poll results.

“How many times are we going to do this?!?” Lovett exclaimed. “All right?  It doesn’t matter what the early votes look like. It doesn’t matter what the polls look like. We can lose everything! We lost everything two years ago! We can lose everything again! Oh my God! Stop reading polls!”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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