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Police Release Surveillance Footage of Vegas Shooters’ Final Moments

On Wednesday, Las Vegas police released surveillance footage from the final moments of the Sunday shootout that left five people dead, including two officers and two suspects, Jerad and Amanda Miller.

According to authorities, and contrary to earlier reports, the bullet that ended gunman Jerad Miller‘s life on Sunday came not from his or his wife Amanda’s weapons, but from a police officer’s rifle.

The Walmart surveillance video appears to show Amanda firing a few rounds at her husband, who lays stomach-down on the floor with an already-fatal wound. “None of the rounds that she fired hit him,” said Las Vegas Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill.

Towards the end of the video released, an officer declares that Amanda was on the verge of a “405,” local department code for suicide. The video fades to black before she pulls the trigger, and the officer says she had just shot herself in the head.

Watch the harrowing video below. As noted above, any graphic content has been removed:

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