Police Set Off Small Explosion At James Holmes’ Apartment, Now Say All Threats Eliminated

Police attempting to make their way into James Holmes‘ Aurora apartment today set off a small explosion, and soon after told CNN that all threats have been eliminated from the apartment. Authorities successfully dismantled the first booby trap, involving a “tripwire and the first incendiary device.” The apartment and surrounding buildings were evacuated because of concerns by the police that Holmes set up a controlled detonation of several devices inside, with police describing the scene as “a kill zone for first responders.”

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The police were tipped off to the booby traps by none other than Holmes himself, and yesterday morning police confirmed that several booby traps were set up in the apartment.

Aurora police chief Dan Oates told reporters earlier that he wasn’t sure how they would be able to enter the apartment, saying “I personally have never seen anything like what the pictures show us is in there.” He said that the apartment had trip writes, jars full of ammo and liquid, and “things that look like mortar rounds.”

CNN’s Ed Lavandera reported that the Aurora police department is now “confident that they’ve eliminated all major threats inside the apartment.”

Watch CNN’s report below:

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