Police: Vegas Shooters Had Been Investigated by Counterterrorism Unit

Authorities said Jerad and Amanda Miller, the couple who ambushed and killed two police officers and a bystander in Las Vegas last weekend, had had several interactions with law enforcement officials in the last few months, including once as part of a counterterrorism investigation.

The couple had been interviewed by a Southern Nevada Counterterrorism unit over threats made to the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles, though no arrest was made and authorities said the Millers raised no red flags at the time. Police also interviewed the couple on a neighbor’s domestic violence case and for a friend’s sexual assault case, but said that the interactions had been normal and indicated no anti-police bias.

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The Millers’ participation in the standoff at the Cliven Bundy ranch, along with anti-government and anti-police social media postings, has led some to call their shooting an act of domestic terrorism tied to a strain of right wing extremists.

Officials from the Sheriff’s Department also played footage of the couple’s final moments, saying that video evidence shows Amanda Miller taking her own life after Jerad Miller had been fatally wounded by police fire. Initially, the couple was believed to have killed themselves in a suicide pact.

Watch a clip on the updates below, via CNN:

[h/t Las Vegas Review-Journal]

[Image via screengrab]

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