Politico Reporter Criticized by Rep. Omar: Latest in ‘Disturbing Trend’ of Lawmakers Attacking Media Just Like Trump


Last week Congresswoman Ilhan Omar said Politico correspondent Tim Alberta distorted the comments she made criticizing former President Barack Obama. Alberta responded and, as other reporters also pointed out, said the audio Omar released supports what he wrote “100 percent.” Omar’s tweet about the Politico report has since been deleted.

Alberta appeared this afternoon with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and said the fact she deleted the tweet “says it all.”

“I think the audio that she tweeted out confirms that not only did I quote her accurately, but that I provided an awful lot of context for what she was saying,” he continued. “And, in fact, in re-listening to the longer audio that I have, I think if anything I was probably under-selling how critical she had been of former president Obama.”

Baldwin brought up how some Democrats have been criticizing the media recently, asking, “Does that sound familiar?”

“It does,” Alberta said, before continuing:

“It’s not just Donald Trump, right? It’s not just the White House we’re dealing with now. People in both parties are seeing that his model of sort of using the media as a straw man, as I said in that tweet, that it works, that it’s effective. And there are going to be people who replicate that, we’re already beginning to see this. You’re seeing Republicans on the Hill who have done this, Matt Gaetz among others, you’re seeing some Democrats do it now. I think it’s a pretty disturbing trend, and we need to all be on our game to make sure that we’re not giving them any ammunition to come after us. We need to be fair and rigorous and accurate with our reporting, but when they try to avoid owning what they said and try to spin and turn on the fog machine, we need to call them out for it.”

Alberta also spoke with Baldwin about the substance of Omar’s criticisms of Obama, saying she’s “speaking for a not-insignificant part” of the progressive base.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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