POLITICO Reporter: Media Access to Hillary Clinton Is Intensely Limited

POLITICO reporter Maggie Haberman‘s aggressive Hillary Clinton coverage has made her an expert on the subject. But, as Haberman said Monday on C-SPAN2, Clinton isn’t the easiest beat to tackle.

Asked to describe the difference in media accessibility between Clinton and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, another political figure Haberman has experience covering, Haberman said it’s “night and day.”

“What has been really striking about Hillary Clinton’s book tour,” Haberman said, “is she has not taken a single question, that I know of at least … from reporters who are attending.”

Haberman went on to describe the “very controlled interviews” Clinton has granted to media recently. “There is very little that is sort of up in the air and unexpected about them.”

By contrast, Haberman said when travelig with Christie she has been able to “get really right up close with him.” She said, “You just can’t get that with Clinton.”

Watch via CSPAN2:

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