Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Think U.S. Benefits From Having Upper Class

Class warfare be damned! Almost two-thirds of Americans in a recent poll said they believe that the United States benefits from having a rich class, up exactly one percentage point from the same poll taken over 20 years ago. Fox & Friends brought up this poll today, just a little amazed at how the number has basically not changed considering all the debating this year over the rich paying higher taxes, the Buffett Rule, etc.

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Another question asked respondents if they would want to be rich. 63 percent said they would, 35 percent said they would not. The hosts couldn’t help but wonder what kind of people would be in the 35 percent and why they wouldn’t want to be rich. After playing a quick montage of President Obama using his line about everyone needing to pay their “fair share,” Alisyn Camerota noted that people are generally aspirational when it comes to wealth in this country. Well, except for that 35 percent.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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