Poor Phrasing? Pat Buchanan Thinks Black People Bought Propaganda On The ‘Liberal Plantation’


About a couple months ago, Pat Buchanan got in a bunch of trouble when he used the phrase “your boy” in regards to President Obama. At the time, all Buchanan meant was that Obama was the favored candidate of the host he was talking to, Al Sharpton, however, he got caught up (unfairly in this writer’s opinion) in the tricky racial connotations of the word “boy.” You’d think, then, that he’d learn his lesson about the importance of word choice.

Perhaps not as, last night on Martin Bashir, he explained that black voters had been fed too much propaganda from the “liberal plantation.” Hoo boy.

The funniest part is, Buchanan was merely trying to defend the statements of someone else. In this case it was Herman Cain as Bashir asked the appropriateness of Cain calling liberal black voters “brainwashed.”

Here’s how Buchanan responded:

“I think what [Cain’s] saying is that they bought an awful lot of liberal propaganda on the liberal plantation and I think he’s right.”

Bashir summed up the reaction of most viewers when all he could say was “‘Liberal plantation?’ Wow.”

Look, Pat, we like you. And we don’t think you mean poorly, so here are a some phrases you should avoid in future newscasts:

  • If you’re discussing a story about Jewish summer camp counselors unionizing, don’t, under any circumstance, call them a “labor camp.”
  • Lets say you’re talking about tobacco usage amongst European gay groups. While the story may take place across the pond, it’s still a terrible idea to use the British term for “cigarette.”
  • If you were to talk about a tragedy involving Native Americans and you see a man crying as he walks away, despite how poetic it may sound, please don’t mention the “trail” his “tears” leaves.
  • The Morning Joe panel includes you and a baby seal. Do everything in your power to remember not to refer to the seal’s Marine Mammal Rights organization as a “club.”

We’ve got plenty more so, if you ever find yourself stuck and unsure about what to say, feel free to contact us at any time.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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