comScore POWER GRID – TV Reporters: Mickey Mouse Has a Posse

POWER GRID – TV Reporters: Mickey Mouse Has a Posse

reporters_7-13The Power Grid has some major changes today, and one of the most fluid categories remains the TV Reporters list. One thing that hasn’t changed – the top spot. It’s still ABC News’ Chief White House correspondent Jake Tapper. And this time, he’s brought some of his ABC friends to join him in the Top 10.

Here’s a full breakdown of all the movement.

There’s Yunji de Nies at #4, who joined Tapper overseas for Pres. Obama’s trip and took the #1 spot in TV airtime. Also, ABC’s senior national correspondent Claire Shipman joins the duo at #5. Dan Harris of ABC comes in at #6.

Rounding out the top 5 are two NBC’ers, Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd.

On the other broadcast network, CBS, three reporters cracked the top 10. But one CBSer who was in the top 5 last week fell way out, in a show of just how important it is to actually be on TV. Lara Logan went from #4 to #106 today.

Some quick notes:

• Fox News reporter Major Garrett cracked the top 20 this week, in at #19. It was the highest spot for any cable news reporter. He was reporting from Pres. Obama’s trip last week.

• The top Blog Buzz spot, arguably the most “new school” metric, went to a very “old school” reporter. CBS’ 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace was #1 (and #29 overall).

• Watch out for the network’s justice correspondents to make a huge leap this week. They’ll be on TV quite a bit talking Sonia Sotomayor, and their names will be huge on blogs as well.

Let’s see how the numbers switch next week. Top 5 prediction for one week from today: Tapper, Todd, Reid, Pete Williams, Andrea Mitchell.


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