Prankster Calls CBS During Dorner Gunfight, Berates Anchor: ‘You’re A Dumbass, You Don’t Know This Is A Prank’

During CBS-LA’s live coverage of the ongoing stand-off between alleged cop-killer Chris Dorner and local police officers, a man called in to the station pretending to be a state official and called the anchor a “dumbass” when he suspected she didn’t realize this was a prank.

The anchorwoman interrupted a conversation with CBS-LA reporter Carter Evans to speak with who she believed to be State Fish and Wildlife official “Mike Taugher.”

At first, the caller answered the anchor’s questions seriously, but then revealed himself to be a prankster when he said “Ronnie the limo driver” was the one to initially open fire on Dorner.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Taugher, did you say ‘Ronnie the limo driver’?” the anchor asked.

“Yes, Ronnie Mond got caught in a firefight. He was on his way to a block party,” the caller responded.

The anchor woman continued on, despite the bizarre answer, asking, “It is your impression that one of the wardens was the first person to spot Christopher Dorner?”

The caller then berated her: “You’re a dumbass, you don’t know this is a prank.”

His call was immediately cut off and the anchor apologized to viewers for someone “taking advantage of live TV on a serious day in Los Angeles.”

Watch below, via CBS-LA:

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