Preet Bharara Responds to D’Souza’s Personal Attacks: He Can Whine and Gloat’ If He Wants

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara responded Sunday to attacks from right-wing pundit Dinesh D’Souza, who mocked his 2017 ouster and accused him of wanting “to destroy a fellow American Indian to advance his career.”

Speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash, Bharara made D’Souza’s behavior sound more like that of a child.

“It’s charming, isn’t it?” he told Bash. “I don’t have any other response other than to say he was prosecuted fairly. Nobody takes into account someone’s ethnicity or background or even political viewpoint. We prosecuted based on the facts in the law. There was overwhelming evidence such that his lawyer had no legal defense to bring, and he can whine and gloat simultaneously if he wants.”

D’Souza tweeted Thursday in celebration of his recent pardoning by President Donald Trump for making illegal campaign donations in 2014, taking aim at Bharara, who was fired by Trump three months following Trump’s inauguration.

Bharara said D’Souza’s case was a “garden variety” one that didn’t rank too highly in terms of importance compared to numerous other cases being handled at the time. He also noted that the same crime had been committed by Democrats as well, and that they’d also been prosecuted.

“We prosecuted more people for that precise crime who are Democrats and not Republicans. Most people never heard of Dinesh D’Souza even though he’s making a lot of noise now. He seems to think that the world revolves around him.”

Not long after the interview concluded, D’Souza resumed his attacks again, reminding Bharara of his dismissal:

Watch the clip above (the relevant part starts at the 7:20 mark), via CNN.

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