Preet Bharara: WH Argument on Blocking McGahn Isn’t Completely Valid, Looks Like ‘Stalling Tactic’


Former US Attorney Preet Bharara told Jake Tapper today he doesn’t think the White House’s legal argument to stop Don McGahn from complying with a subpoena from House Demcorats is valid.

“Yeah, I don’t think their argument in total is valid,” Bharara said, “because they’re arguing based on, I think, executive privilege, although they have not definitively said they’re asserting executive privilege, and some other confidential privileges that they might have. That’s been waived over and over and over again. It’s, I think, a stalling tactic. It’s a game of running out the clock.”

He noted how McGahn has already talked to the special counsel’s office and a lot of what he said has been made public, arguing, “They might have a slightly better argument with respect to the documents that McGahn has, but with respect to the testimony, I don’t see how that wins at all.”

“You can’t have waiver after waiver after waiver and then say, with respect to this particular thing that’s going to be a little bit ugly for us, because it’ll be a spectacle in Congress, we want to assert the privilege. It doesn’t work that way,” Bharara added.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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