President Obama Meets with Insurance Company CEOs to ‘Brainstorm’ Obamacare Messaging

President Obama met today with insurance company CEOs for a frank discussion about Obamacare and the president’s proposed fix this week. Insurers are not exactly happy about the fix, but in brief remarks to the press, Obama played up the unity at the table and continued promising that the website would be fixed posthaste, saying that “we’re working 24/7 to get it fixed.”

The president said, “We are share a similar value, which is we want to make sure that Americans have good, solid coverage that gives them the security they need for themselves and their family members if and when they get sick.”

He acknowledged “all the problems with the website” but remained confident that they will get fixed soon, touting the hundreds of thousands of people wanting to sign up and see what options they have to choose from.

Obama concluded that he and the CEOs in attendance will be “brainstorming” on how to convey what plans are actually out there to the American people so more people will be eager to sign up.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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