President Trump Quotes Mark Penn Accusing Mueller of ‘Stormtrooper Tactics’

On Twitter on Sunday, President Trump tweeted a quote from former Clinton aide Mark Penn, who appeared on Fox News with host Maria Baritoromo and former Senator Al D’Amato (R) earlier in the day.

Penn has come out strongly against the Mueller probe, penning an op-ed for The Hill blasting the investigation and calling for an end to it.

With Baritoromo, he took it slightly further, using the same words Rudy Giuliani has used recently in calling the investigators “stormtroopers.” President Trump tweeted a shortened version of that quote.

Here is the full remark from Penn.

“Well I still see that we don’t have the answer here. How this got started, why there was an independent counsel, why there are people from the Clinton, who represented the Clinton Foundation on Mueller’s staff, why… you know. All of these questions here remain unanswered, and Mueller seems to have runaway power, you know, using stormtrooper tactics almost. I mean, I don’t want to go overboard but to really go after people and their family in the ways that he has for unrelated offenses, is really all the kinds of things our constitution was set up to prevent.”

The full discussion is included in the video clip above, via Fox News. Both Penn and D’Amato say that Mueller is “after” Trump, regardless of or in the absence of facts.

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