President Trump Would Build a Wall Across U.S.-Mexico Border as Awesome as His Buildings

Donald Trump announced on Fox & Friends Monday morning that he was “Very, very seriously” considering a presidential run, which is a con job that he now repeats on an almost weekly basis.

But Trump’s newest campaign pledge is a gooden: a wall needs to be built across the U.S.-Mexico border, and who among the GOP candidates has the most building experience? It starts with T and ends with Rump.

“People are pouring across our borders, which is horrible,” Trump said. “We have to build a wall. Who would — look, I build some of the greatest buildings in the world. Building a wall for me is easy. And it would be a wall. It would be a real wall. Not a wall that people walk over.”

Mediaite is now accepting your submissions for what a Trump Border Wall would look like. It must have his name displayed in gold-painting chrome at least every 50 feet, visible from a mile away, and it must sell ties, bad ones.

Watch the clip below, if you’re snowed in, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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