Press Aide Trips Over Self To Bring President Obama His Missing Speech

This afternoon, President Obama delivered remarks to reporters on the Affordable Care Act at San Jose’s Fairmont Hotel, but not before those remarks had to be delivered to him first. Upon reaching the podium, the President discovered that his prepared remarks were not waiting for him there, and to laughter from the crowd bantered briefly until an aide rushed to get the speech into his hands, tripping in the process.

The President began by thanking everyone, then noticed, “I think there’s only one problem, and that is that my remarks are not sitting here.”

He also announced that he would be taking one question after the remarks, likely to respond to recent revelations about NSA data collection operations.

To laughter from the crowd, a smiling President Obama said “You know, thing, by Friday afternoon — things get a little challenged.”

After an awkard pause, an aide rushed the speech out to the President, audibly tripping in the process. “Oh, somebody’s tripping,” the President joked, adding “Folks are sweating back there right now.”

Here’s the clip, from CNN:

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