Priebus Downplays Anti-Semitic Trump Tweet: They Realized It Was a Mistake!

priebusReince Priebus thinks everyone’s making too much hay out of the nominee of one of America’s two major political parties posting an anti-Semitic image that came from a Neo-Nazi message board to his Twitter feed.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked the head of the RNC about the tweet. Priebus said the Trump campaign “realized very quickly it was not a smart idea” and pointed out they did delete it. He did say, “You obviously don’t want mistakes like that to happen in the future?”

“If you go to Microsoft Paint, Wolf,” Priebus said, “you’ll see all the different stars that the guy could pick from.”

Blitzer pointed out the disturbing origin of the tweet and asked Priebus if he personally spoke to the Trump campaign about how they’re using social media. Priebus said, “I think they’re in the process of putting in maybe a better check-off system on tweets.”

He repeatedly emphasized that everyone should just move on from this, while admitting he doesn’t know all the details about it (which, again, involves its appearance on a Neo-Nazi message board before it appeared on Trump’s Twitter feed).

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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