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Princeton Mom: ‘Antagonistic Feminists’ Embolden Women to Ignore Husbands

Susan Patton, aka the Princeton Mom, told Fox & Friends Monday morning that women needed to be more respectful of their husbands (a follow up to yesterday’s segment, in which her counterpart offered advice to husbands on treating their wives better), advising women to do such simple tasks as asking their husbands if they’d like a drink or what they want for dinner.

“They’re not doing that anymore,” Patton said. “We have overcorrected.”

“Is this feminism?” Steve Doocy wondered.

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“It is,” Patton agreed. “There was a time, and for a good long while, when women’s perspectives and considerations were just not even on anybody’s radar. We have overcorrected now, to the point that we are so all about women’s priorities and women balancing. Men are doing all the same things, the only difference now is women have become so emboldened by these antagonistic feminists that they have lost sight of the fact that this is the man you married.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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