‘Prisoners of Conformity’: Tucker Carlson Rails Against Kathy Griffin and ‘Unfunny’ Liberal Comics

Following the onslaught of nearly universal disdain that erupted in the wake of Kathy Griffin‘s “ISIS-style” photograph of herself holding the severed head of President Donald Trump, Fox NewsTucker Carlson spent a few minutes lambasting the liberal comedian on his show this evening.

According to the conservative talk show host and certified ratings bonanza, the main problem with Griffin and her ilk isn’t necessarily their political opinions or how they choose to express them–tastefully or not–but that these days, liberals simply aren’t funny.

Carlson said:

“Kathy Griffin got canned by CNN this afternoon, a day after she posted a picture of herself posing ISIS-style with Donald Trump’s bloody severed head. The image itself was appalling, violent, creepy, weird…But it was also — and this may be the main problem — totally unfunny. Kathy Griffin bills herself as a comedian but this was not comedy, it was a political stunt of the dumbest kind. Your eighth-grader wouldn’t do this. It’s too stupid. It wasn’t a departure for griffin. She hasn’t been funny in years–assuming she ever was. People clap for her not because they are amused but because they agree with her politics. That’s not art. It’s affirmation.”

The Fox News host then went on to list a series of liberal comedians he also deemed guilty of substituting political allegiances for humor including; Samantha Bee, Bill Maher, and Trevor Noah.

“They are just playing to the biases and vanities of their audience,” Carlson said. “And it’s working, unfortunately, which means they’re all the exactly the same, prisoners of conformity, which is always the sworn enemy of art.”

For more, see the clip above, via Fox News.

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