Pro-Trayvon Protesters Shut Down Sanford Police Department After Barricading Doors

Protesters supporting Trayvon Martin shut down the Sanford Police Department on Monday after they barricaded the doors in an act of civil disobedience, The Orlando Sentinel’s Rene Stutzman and Bianca Prieto reports.

“The city of Sanford hopes the actions of the students will be as peaceful and orderly as the previous rallies and marches have been,” City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr. said in an email to the Orlando Sentinel. “We want to be accommodating to all our visitors proving they act in a manner that is respectful to the people of the city.”

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Members of the US Department of Justice are also monitoring the scene.

The shutdown of the Sanford Police Department is the brainchild of the Dream Defenders, “a coalition of college students from across Florida who have marched and protested against the handling of the case by police.”

Watch the report from MSNBC below:

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