comScore Pro-Trump CNN Commentator: Trump-Russia Conspiracies Are ‘Birtherism of the Left’

Pro-Trump CNN Commentator: Trump-Russia Conspiracies Are ‘Birtherism of the Left’

During a contentious segment on CNN on Saturday, pro-Trump commentator Steve Cortes made the rather audacious claim that Trump-Russia conspiracies are the “birtherism of the left.”

Cortes started by saying there is “a constant assumption on the left that somehow, some way Trump is compromised by Russia.”

Evan McMullin, who ran a third party campaign against Trump,  then chimed in, “It’s hardly an assumption of the left, Steve, come on.”

Cortes, however, was undeterred.

“It’s the birtherism of the left,” Cortes insisted, noting both were based, in his opinion, on flimsy evidence.

“Are you going to compare a racial conspiracy to something that is open for all us to see?” McMullin asked.

“I sure am,” Cortes replied. “This is the birtherism of the left.”

McMullin pushed back hard.

“Doesn’t compare an attack — our response to an attack against our country, an effort to defend the core of democracy, our ability to select our own leaders and hold them accountable, with some silly, damaging, racial conspiracy theory that Donald Trump pushed against a former president?” McMullin said. “Those two things are not the same.”

Cortes then said he felt sorry for McMullin if he believed “Russians decided the presidency” in 2016 because “that’s a derangement” before the debate raged on.

Watch the contentious showdown above, via CNN.

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