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Pro-Trump Kid Confronts MSNBC Anchor For Saying He ‘Challenged’ Mike Pence

1thumb1In what will probably be the only instance of the words “at a Mike Pence rally” ever appearing in a national news story, 11 year-old Matthew Schricker propelled himself into the political news bloodstream this week when he asked a precocious-sounding question at a Pence event in  in Raleigh, N.C. In a rare instance in which Indiana Governor and potential Republican Vice President Mike Pence wasn’t being upstaged by Donald Trump, the kid upstaged him by asking if his role in a Trump administration will be to keep “softening” Trump’s comments and policies.

On Friday morning, Schricker appeared on MSNBC to explain that he wasn’t trying to challenge or “bait” Governor Pence, and got a little bit confrontational with anchor Chris Jansing for suggesting he had:

I was not meaning for it to be hostile. As you said before, I was challenging him. No, I was not. I was totally just asking him to see if he was — if Mr. Trump was approving. I was not trying to be mean to him or challenging him or trying to bait him, like many websites who are saying I was grilling him. I was not doing anything to offend him or the Trump campaign.

For the record, Jansing did, in fact, suggest that Schricker had been “questioning (Pence’s) loyalty” a few seconds before his interview.

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