Pro-Trump Network OANN Dunks on Fox News Over President’s Latest Attacks on Network


One America News Network appears to be taking great pleasure in President Donald Trump’s attacks on Fox News, if a pair of recent “news segments” from the burgeoning pro-Trump outlet are any indication.

On Tuesday morning, OANN ran a segment — which was flagged by Contemptor’s Darragh Roche — in which a report notes Trump’s most recent attacks on the media, which did not include Fox News.

But the report goes out of its way to include Fox News anyway, noting “this comes just days after he criticized Fox News for publishing a, quote, ‘phony 2020 election poll,’” and then adding that “Earlier this month the President also bashed Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, saying he’s worse than CNN. He also added, whenever possible, he turns to OAN.”

And a few days earlier, the network built another segment entirely around a CNN panel about Trump’s attacks on Fox in which one guest mentioned Trump’s affinity for OANN.

In that segment, an OANN anchor boasts that “OANN received a shout out from one of the most outspoken anti-Trump talk show hosts on TV,” and explains “Earlier this week on CNN, anchor Don Lemon held a panel on the president’s anti-Fox news treats, slamming the network for moving left.”

“During the discussion, a Daily Beast columnist brought up the president’s new favorite news channel, One America News,” she continued, adding that other panelists also “gave our channels some free publicity.”

But in their zeal to dunk on Fox News, OANN then played an extended clip of Matt Lewis repeatedly slamming them for “carrying Trump’s water even more than Fox News,” as well as Brian Stelter noting that OANN is “very small, very low rated,” and asking “why the president thinks he can play these channels off each other and try to build up a version of Trump TV.”

Last week, a feud erupted between Trump and some Fox News personalities when Trump attacked the network and said it “isn’t working for us anymore.” But Trump extended an olive branch over the weekend by praising Fox opinion programming, and congratulating Sean Hannity for being the “number one shoe on Cable Television.”

Watch both clips above, via OANN.

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