Pro-Trump Rev. Jeffress Invokes Bible to Defend Immigration Policy: ‘God Instituted Government to Maintain Order’


Reverend Robert Jeffress defended President Trump on Tuesday night in the wake of a biblical debate over immigration.

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream began by having Jeffress react to remarks made by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who went after the “dark ideas” of the Trump administration and cited “building walls,” “marginalizing” transgender people,”  “not supporting DACA kids” and “ripping children from their mother’s arms” as examples.

While Jeffress believes Gillibrand is sincere in her faith, he also thought she was “sincerely wrong.” He even invoked The Bible in order to defend Trump’s immigration stance.

“To characterize the president’s action in this as ‘evil’ to me is absolutely outrageous,” Jeffress reacted. Look, Romans Chapter 13 does say ‘God instituted government to maintain order and punish those who commit evil.’ But to call the president ‘evil’ for simply doing what God has given him the responsibility of doing, and that is protecting our borders and protecting our citizens. To me, that is outrageous. And I think we ought to celebrate a president like President Trump then denigrate this president for doing everything he can to fulfill his God-given responsibility.”

The Fox News contributor slammed Gillibrand over the “hypocrisy” of her concern about the children being ripped from their mother’s arms.

“What about the evil of ripping children out of their mother’s wombs after dismembering them through abortion?” Jeffress asked. “Where’s the outrage from the senator on that policy which her and the Democrat party supports? To me, this is selective outrage on the part of liberals.”

Jeffress added that The Bible does teach us to “show compassion” but that needs to be a “shared compassion” and that while what’s happening at the border is “gut-wrenching,” what’s “more gut-wrenching” is “seeing children like Kate Steinle” separated from their parents after being killed by illegal immigrants.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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