Producer Claims E! Fired Her For Allowing Eva Longoria to Slam Network On Air


A former E! producer who says she was fired for letting a clip critical of the network air during the Golden Globes is claiming employment discrimination, according to the New York Times.

A number of celebrities took shots at the network on its Golden Globes red carpet earlier this year in defense of Cat Sadler, the former E! News host who quit after learning she was getting paid her half as much as her male co-host, Jason Kennedy.

And one producer, Aileen Gram-Moreno, claims she was fired for allowing one of those criticisms — by actress Eva Longoria — to air.

“On Thursday, she filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,” per the Times, “claiming she was unfairly terminated and replaced by a man.”

Debra Messing also called out the network on its Globes red carpet, claiming she was “was so shocked to hear that E! doesn’t believe in paying their female co-hosts the same as their male co-hosts.”

E! attempted to explain the pay-gap by claiming that Sadler’s role as a correspondent was not comparable to Kennedy’s.

E! Entertainment President Adam Stotsky is disputing Gram-Moreno’s claim:

Stotsky… said in an interview on Thursday that while he and the network disputed Ms. Sadler’s claims of gender inequality and pay disparity, there was no effort to censor celebrities on the carpet.

If there had been, he said, the clips of Ms. Messing and Ms. Longoria criticizing the network, and another clip of Sarah Jessica Parker alluding to the controversy, would not have been broadcast; all three interviews are also on the channel’s website. And while an interview with Natalie Portman, who also voiced support for Ms. Sadler, did not make it on the air because of lack of time, he said, the network did publish the segment online too.

“If we were trying to censor, which is her primary thesis here, we certainly wouldn’t have done that,” Mr. Stotsky said.

And if you thought the last E! red carpet was dramatic — hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic, wearing black to show support for the Me Too movement — get f*cking ready for this weekend’s Academy Awards:

The same duo are hosting, but since the Globes Seacrest has been accused of sexually harassing and abusing his stylist for years. Seacrest denies the allegations, and E! said it conducted an independent investigation and could not substantiate the claims.

Nevertheless, the stars reportedly plan to avoid the currently toxic host.

Watch the Longoria interview above, via E!

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