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Prof. Michael Eric Dyson: Constitution ‘Hijacked By People With Narrow, Vicious Visions’

Michael Eric Dyson, professor at Georgetown University, engaged in a highly intellectual debate with George Will and others regarding the impact of the Constitution on today’s political discourse. While the panelists took turns explaining who their favorite Founding Father was and debating how flexible the Constitution was intended to be, Dyson was most fired up over some people today trying to claim they are the sole defenders of protecting the document.

Will argued it’s more important than ever to review the Constitution given that “the somewhat promiscuous expansion of government power in recent years raises questions about whether we still have a government of limited, delegated and enumerated powers.” And to Christiane Amanpour‘s amusement, Will confirmed he was specifically talking about President Obama’s promiscuous expansion.

Dyson responded that prior to its Amendments, the Constitution was far from perfect, yet “the Constitution is a powerful, living, vibrant document.” And of even more concern to him, was that he thinks the Constitution has been “hijacked by people with narrow, vicious and parochial visions.” Although he didn’t explicitly state who such people were, the implication seemed to be that members of the Tea Party and others who speak of “restoring the Constitution” in today’s politics are the ones deserving of Dyson’s ire.

Overall, a surprisingly historical and enlightening debate on This Week, and one that Amanpour successfully managed to steer away from becoming too painfully boring.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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