Olbermann Mocks Glenn Beck’s Absurd Puppet Show With…Absurd Puppet Show?

Billionaire George Sorosalleged meddling and financial support of liberal bias in the media has long been a narrative within the right-of-center opinion media landscape. In the last few day, he has become a particular obsession of Glenn Beck‘s, who has literally presented Soros as the “puppet master” via a puppet show. Last night Keith Olbermann mocked Beck’s absurd analogy with…his own absurd and oversimplified puppet show.

First of all, Beck’s “puppet theater” is ripe for ridicule, if only to ask the rather obvious question: what does it say about Beck’s regard for his audience’s intellect that he uses literal puppets for his puppet master metaphor. At the very least, isn’t that a little “on the nose”?

However, as you can see in the clip from Countdown below, Mr. Olbermann’s refutation of Beck’s puppet theater bit lacks any actual intellectual criticism – it is nothing but mockery, contempt and yes – his own satirical version of a puppet show. What does this say about Olbermann’s regard for his audience’s intellect that he uses the very same metaphor to mock Beck’s? That’s not satire. That’s intellectual laziness.

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