‘Put It Down’: South Park Begs Trump to Stop Tweeting, Provoking North Korea


The creators of South Park have said they’re not going to get entrenched in political humor like they have in the past, but as their latest show makes clear, it’s practically impossible to ignore President Trump‘s impact on society.

The new episode ‘Put It Down’ revolves around Tweek Tweak, who has become even more hyperactive and nervous than usual due to the escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea. When his “boyfriend” Craig Tucker tries talking to him about his concerns, Tweek tries to get Kim Jong Un to stop making threats against the world by sending him cupcakes as a way of saying not all Americans want war.

Even though this seems to work at first, its all undone when President Garrison (Trump’s cartoon stand-in) tweets “I know that kid Tweek, he’s fucking with you North Korea. Get a clue. I bet he took a dump in the batter.” Not only does this cause North Korea to launch a missile over Tweek’s house, but it also leads to a bunch of children getting hit by cars because adults are too distracted checking their phones for Trump tweets while driving.

Craig eventually gets Tweek to calm down by getting the school together for a musical number to convince the president to put down his phone. This causes people all over town to pledge not to get distracted by their phones if they ever become president.

Even Hillary Clinton makes the pledge in a cameo, though the chorus tells her “No one cares.”

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