‘Putting Your Head in the Sand’: CNN’s Acosta Grills Pruitt Over Refusal to Acknowledge Climate Science


EPA administrator Scott Pruitt had a contentious exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta regarding President Trump‘s decision yesterday to walk away from the Paris climate accord.

Throughout much of the press conference, Pruitt refused to say whether Trump believed in climate change, and he also indicated that the issue was not a factor when Trump held discussions about whether to stay in the Paris Agreement. Acosta eventually got a chance to ask a question, so he inquired as to how the Trump Administration explains the natural phenomena that the scientific community has attributed to climate change in recent years.

“When NASA says that 95% of the experts in this area around the world believe that the Earth is warming and you are up there throwing out information that says, well, maybe this is being exaggerated…it seems to a lot of people around the world that you and the president are just are denying the reality.”

Pruitt responded indirectly by saying that the United States would remain involved in pro-environmental innovations, and will encourage other countries to do the same. As Pruitt said there was nothing about the climate accord decision to apologize for, Acosta asked if the administration was “putting [its] head in the sand.”

Pruitt shot back that “there’s no evidence of that” before moving on.

In the last two days, both Kellyanne Conway and Gary Cohn have declined to confirm whether or not Trump thinks global warming is a hoax

Watch above, via CNN.

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