Quick: Hottest Show On TV This Week? Does Soy Tu Dueña Ring Any Bells?

You didn’t really think NBC’s SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas was the big draw, did you? Creo que no.

Gilly got beaten by the powerhouse soap you may not have heard of: Soy Tu Dueña, the most-watched show on Spanish-language Univisión in twenty years–and driving the network to first place ahead of ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

The telenovela (The title translates literally as “I’m Your Owner,”–Oooh, racy!) was the top draw in primetime Tuesday–and again Wednesday, beating Fox’s Human Target and shows like ABC’s Modern Family.

The show–about a woman left at the altar–debuted on Univisión in June and has racked up blockbuster ratings. So much so, Wednesday night, Univisión was America’s top-rated network among viewers 18-49.

As Variety put it earlier this month:

Soy Tu Dueña is a bona fide sensation, regularly popping up among the top 10 shows in any language among adults 18-49 and top five with adults 18-34.

The telenovela is a big part of the double-digit ratings growth Univisión has seen this year, in sharp contrast to the perf of the Big Four English-lingo nets. Univisión’s surge in young adult viewers is a sign of the nation’s rapidly expanding Latino population, and network execs happily see it as a harbinger of growth trends to come.

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