Quite Frankly, Stephen A. Smith Keeps Showing Up At The “Meeting”

stephen_7-7We’ve written earlier about the rotating sidekicks on Morning Meeting Dylan Ratigan (the various “Mikas” to Dylan’s “Joe,” if you will), which began on last Monday’s premiere episode with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. We were told by MSNBC he wouldn’t be the everyday sidekick, but has since appeared prominently this week as well.

Meanwhile, another major player in the “Meeting” has been former ESPN’er Stephen A. Smith.

Smith appeared this morning during the entire 10amET hour, and for a large portion of yesterday’s program as well. The sports-viewing public has had a very love/hate relationship with the outspoken Stephen A. — his short-lived “Quite Frankly,” program was plagued with low ratings and led to mockery on the Interwebs. But Smith’s focus shifted to politics often on his radio show, and it is this muscle that’s been exercised on MSNBC.

He’s now gone from ESPN, and has been podcasting on his Web site (mostly about sports). He is also, like most people these days, on  Twitter (where we learn that he will be on MSNBC yet again tonight, between 5-7 pm — “both hours”).

Whether he can garner the support of this new potential fan base remains to be seen. But he’s a dynamic personality, and a starring role on the new MSNBC show is certainly a good audition for potentially bigger things. Just don’t mention Cheetos.


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