QVC Host Faints On-Air, Co-Host Continues To Sell Product Without Stopping

Yesterday during an episode of QVC’s Sundays with Carolyn & Dan, guest host Cassie Slane seemed to pass out live on-the-air while co-host Dan Hughes continued on to sell the product undeterred.

Slane was hyping an Android tablet for kids when she began to stammer in her speech and look increasingly uncomfortable. She then grabbed her chest and began to slump over onto Hughes and the host table.

Undeterred by Slane’s scary moment, Hughes continued on to sell the tablet as the show cut to a full-screen image of the product.

But perhaps his brazen sale was just standard procedure, as Gawker reports that Slane has passed out on QVC before.

The cause her for faint is still unknown, but Slane says she is doing just fine, writing on her Facebook that she is “feeling alot [sic] better today.”

UPDATE: QVC spokesman Paul Capelli sent us the following update on Slane’s condition:

During a live presentation on Sunday, October 7, QVC on-air guest Cassie Slane had a brief fainting spell. We are pleased to report that she is feeling fine now.

Watch below:

[h/t Gawker]
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