Rachel Maddow: “All Hail Shep Smith At Fox News (And I’m Not Kidding)”

Rachel Maddow turned her attention toward Fox News on her program tonight to—wait, don’t grab your pitchforks just yet! It turns out that the MSNBC host comes in peace… if your name’s Shepard Smith, that is. Maddow praised Shep for the “hullabaloo” he’s been making in the name of the 9/11 First Respodners bill. She’s just thrilled that a man whose network actually matters to Republicans decided to hold Republicans accountable. “All hail Shep Smith at Fox News,” she declared. “And I’m not kidding.”

She then picked up where Smith left off: Sen. Tom Coburn, who’s quickly becoming the face of the 9/11 First Responders bill’s opposition. She played a clip of Coburn explaining to Fox News that the bill hadn’t gone through a committee or a hearing, thus he couldn’t support it. Sounds plausible… until she reveals that not only was there a hearing, but he was on the hearing’s committee! Of course, that didn’t stop him from being absent from the hearing, leaving a sad, empty chair in his place.

Of course, nobody will ever know about any of this, because it’s not on Fox News—which is why Rachel needs people like Shep. Watch the two bond over a common enemy in the MSNBC clip below.

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