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Rachel Maddow Calls National Review Profile ‘Categorically False’

The National Review published a lengthy piece Monday crowning Rachel Maddow “queen” of MSNBC, claiming the prime time host has more sway over editorial direction and personnel changes at the network than president Phil Griffin. Now, Maddow and MSNBC are disputing the report, which primarily relied on anonymous “insider” sources.

“This is categorically false,” Maddow said through an MSNBC spokesperson. “I have never had any role in any management decision at MSNBC. Any source who says otherwise is wrong.”

In an official statement, MSNBC said:

“The NRO story is absurd and full of inaccuracies from beginning to end. To start, Rachel has absolutely no role in network management decisions. Writing her show every night is more than enough work. She gladly leaves talent management to her bosses. We’re disappointed that the National Review would run a story with more anonymous, uninformed sources than you’d ever find on the gossip pages.”

Additionally, MSNBC is denying that it has responded to recent controversies surrounding Melissa Harris-Perry and the now-fired Martin Bashir by assigning producer Rich Stockwell to review all scripts prior to air. “MSNBC has had an editorial and script review process in place since the network began in 1996,” the spokesperson said.

National Review media editor Eliana Johnson claimed in her article that MSNBC established Stockwell’s new position as “solution to its recent problems,” though she did not cite a source for that information.

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