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Rachel Maddow Celebrates Obama’s Budget Deficit Speech: A Victory For Math

The relationship between the “professional left” and President Obama has at times been a rocky one, perhaps best evidenced by Rachel Maddow‘s often frank assessment of Obama’s rhetoric and various political decisions. For example, she completely tore apart Obama’s tax compromise last December, but absolutely loved his speech yesterday that was so critical of Rep. Paul Ryan‘s plan on the budget deficits.

Maddow seemed so relieved to have finally heard from her president the rhetoric that she has been waiting to hear, which was a specific affront to what she sees as the failed effect of “trickle-down” economic theory. While many on the right have ridiculed Obama’s speech, it appears that this recent effort by the president appears to have rallied his base. So as we commented yesterday, the reaction to his budget has fallen along party lines. And the beat goes on.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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