Rachel Maddow Commands Attention On Buzzworthy Meet The Press

Rachel Maddow doesn’t exactly need her online popularity boosted, but the MSNBC host’s forceful turn on Meet the Press this Sunday gave her a little extra love from the left wing of the internet, including complimentary articles on The Huffington Post and Think Progress, plus a wave of favorable murmurs across the Twitter-sphere. Flexing her debate skills on both economic issues (the stimulus bill) and homeland security (Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab), Maddow made her presence known, gunning for Rep. Aaron Schock at every available opportunity.

Reveling in the opportunity to make on-the-spot corrections, Maddow commanded the table — which also included New York Times columnist David Brooks and Senate hopeful Harold Ford Jr. — by calling out Rep. Schock’s “hypocrisy” and factual inaccuracy. “If you vote against the omnibus bill, if you complain about the omnibus bill, if you tout your vote against the omnibus bill, it is hypocrisy to then go to your district and go to a ribbon cutting ceremony for something that’s funded by the omnibus bill that you voted against,” Maddow said in one example.

Throughout the show, she appeared composed and well-rehearsed in a performance that may cement Maddow’s spot as the most vocal and respected progressive pundit on television.

Below is an edited highlight reel of Maddow’s strongest moments on Meet the Press:

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