Rachel Maddow Debunks Sarah Palin’s AZ Racial Profiling ‘Myth’

The other day Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News to support the new Arizona Immigration law and denounce the “lamestream” media (possibly just Fox) for perpetuating this “myth” that the new law has anything to do with racial profiling. Well, Rachel Maddow, and her trenchant journalism, is having none of that.

Maddow points out that not even Governor Brewer knows (or is willing to say out loud) what “an illegal immigrant looks like.”

This is the fundamental problem with the Arizona law, its proponents insist that race will not be the reason people are stopped and forced to show their papers. The insist it won’t be racial profiling that race won’t be the grounds on which people are stopped by the police. But they can’t say what will be the ground on which people are stopped by police.

Further debunking reveals that many of the people insisting this law won’t involve racial profiling actually support racial profiling. Video below.

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