Rachel Maddow Adds Rep. Weiner To Clinton-Inspired Sex Scandal Chart

With all the scandals to have hit American politics in the 21st century, it’s sometimes hard to keep all these disgraced politicians straight. Luckily, Rachel Maddow put all the data together on one handy chart– the Post Bill Clinton Modern American Political Sex Scandal Consequence-O-Meter, the X-axis representing potential legal problems and the Y-axis representing the creepiness factor of their behavior.

Maddow’s comprehensive sex scandal chart has all the greatest hits on it– from long-forgotten tickle fiend Eric Massa to unsinkable prostitute patron Sen. David Vitter, CNN host Eliot Spitzer to Appalachian hiker Mark Sanford. Rep. Weiner made his debut on the chart today high on the creepiness scale but low on the prosecutable scale, somewhere near Massa and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Elsewhere on the chart– highest on both chances of going to jail and being a creep? John Edwards and John Ensign, both of which had lovers– the former with a lovechild, the latter having bribed the lover’s parents and family to keep it under wraps. Vitter and Spitzer, despite one having resigned and the other not, and lowest on both factors is Gov. Jim McGreevey, the New Jersey governor who appointed his boyfriend (who was not a U.S. citizen– a detail Maddow omitted) to a Homeland Security leadership position and came out as a “gay American.”

Check out the chart via MSNBC below:

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