Rachel Maddow Explains Ferguson to Letterman: ‘It Doesn’t Make Any Sense’

When David Letterman needs an update on what’s happening in the news, he tends to call on Rachel Maddow. Last night, he asked the MSNBC host to give him the primer on the “homicide” or “police shooting” that happened more than two weeks ago in Ferguson, Missouri.

From Maddow’s perspective, Ferguson is a community that felt “very unrepresented” in their local government before a police officer shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown and that incident just brought those feelings to the surface.

“The amount of information coming from local authorities was almost unbelievable,” Maddow said, noting that there still has not been a full police report on what happened. “But they found a way to release information about this kid that made him look bad.”

On top of that, Maddow said it was “terrifying” for Americans to see the type of military-style weaponry that a small police department like the one in Ferguson had at its disposal to use against largely peaceful protesters. She said the militarization of police has been a “sleeper issue” for the past few decades, but is just now going mainstream. “It doesn’t make any sense, and I think there’s going to be a backlash against that,” she said.

It’s unclear whether the Late Show fully absorbed the information as the title of the YouTube video references “Franklin, Missouri.”

Watch video below, via CBS:

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