Rachel Maddow Explains Her Election Report To Colbert: It Was A Day When ‘The Facts Have A Liberal Bias’

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow stopped by the Colbert Report on Thursday to talk about the election. And, in case you were wondering: No, she hasn’t gotten any sleep.

Stephen Colbert wondered what the energy was like at MSNBC on election night. Like, for instance, was Chris Matthews running around with a lampshade on his head? (Probs.) Later, Colbert asked why it was that the folks at Fox News seemed so “freaked out,” prompting Maddow to reply that “people of the right” had talked themselves into believing that there would be a Romney landslide victory based on gut feelings rather than poll numbers. And, Colbert added, the possibility of winning that secret state that only the right can see: “Whitesylvania.”

Colbert also “called bullshit” on Maddow when she said that she was merely describing the events that had unfolded on election night rather than performing a “victory dance.” Maddow laughed, but asserted that the facts in this case “have a liberal bias.”

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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