Rachel Maddow Geeks Out World Trade Center Construction

The latest segment of Rachel Maddow‘s “Geek Week,” a report on the construction of the new One World Trade Center, displays many of the qualities that make her show so unique. While many such reports would deliver dry-as-a-bone facts and figures, out-of-context computer simulations, and mawkish archival footage, Maddow eschews the cliche´s in favor of smart-kid wonder and matter-of-fact charm.

In lieu of a perfectly enunciated news speak laundry list of things that the new building will be taller than, Maddow says “Whoah! Check out the size of that re-bar!” It’s like a guided tour by your smarter college roommate, who picks up on the things you would actually ask about. For example, I can see myself wondering,  on such a massive project, how they work the lunch breaks.

Here’s the segment. If you’re wondering about the lunch breaks, stick with it ’til the end. It is cool, and it is geek-tastic.

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