Rachel Maddow Gives Viewers Trigger Warning Before Showing Anti-Hillary Buttons

MaddowMSNBC host Rachel Maddow gave sensitive viewers a warning Wednesday night before showing a graphic of anti-Hillary Clinton buttons on sale at the Republican National Convention.

“I want to show you a little something that we shot earlier today. I will tell you that, some of our viewers, you’re not going to find this offensive [sic]. You may find it uncomfortable. And so, you may not want to look at this stuff,” Maddow told viewers while anchoring the network’s RNC coverage.

Among the offending buttons were ones reading, “Hillary for prison,” “Vote no to Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife in 2016,” “Life’s a bitch, don’t vote for one,” and “KFC Hillary Special: 2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts, left wing.”

“You know, at conventions, you always get sharp-edged stuff, particularly the merchandisers tend to compete with each other to see what they can produce that will one up one another,” Maddow said to her remaining untriggered viewers. “But from calling Hillary Clinton a bitch to the KFC special referring to her breasts and thighs and left-wing and all of those other things, that’s part of the merchandise of the RNC.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[Image via screengrab]
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