Rachel Maddow Goes Off On Rudy Giuliani Over 9/11 Comments

The media reaction to Rudy Giuliani‘s “no domestic attacks under Bush” super gaffe has been both huge and varied. The former mayor claims he was misunderstood — he meant post-9/11 and on American soil. But here’s a big surprise: that wasn’t enough for Rachel Maddow, who last night attempted to eviscerate Giuliani on her broadcast, relentlessly proving the one-time presidential candidate wrong with history and his own words.

Maddow suggested that this week’s events — mainly Giuliani’s appearances on Good Morning America and Larry King Live — could spell the end of his political career. His entire brand, she said, is built on September 11th and Giuliani’s “expertise” on terrorism and these shaky statements will be too big to ignore.

Failing to give Giuliani the benefit of the doubt when it comes to misspeaking, Maddow instead listed numerous historical examples of terrorism (often attempted) that occurred under the Bush administration, thus rendering Giuliani’s statement false under any circumstances. “There is no possible way in which he is making sense,” Maddow said. What it comes down to, she continued, is political spin, and it could become a larger problem, should the rewriting of history become a trend.

Check out the full clip below:

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